Inside an Inspection – The Exterior

Episode 2 The EXTERIOR

What are those home inspectors really doing when they start walking around the house? Recently an agent even joked on her Linked In page that if she wanted to create a wrestling persona to invoke fear she’d be named The Home Inspector……. My thought was wow you need a new home inspector!

What is a “bad home inspection”? If unveiling needed repairs kills a deal it’s not because it was a bad home inspection. The worst situation would be if clients bought a house and damages weren’t discovered prior to the close. That means that the actual condition of the house wasn’t considered in the pricing of the house and repairs weren’t planned for.

Now that’s something to fear! So how can you prevent that from happening? By being prepared to have the best home inspection possible! This video series documents the process of what home inspectors look for so that it takes the unknown out of the process and helps everyone involved understand the process. Informed home buyers and agents make for better prepared participates and smoother experience. = happy home owners!

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