Episode 1 The ROOF

Ever wonder what it’s like to see a home through the eyes of a professional home inspector? Do you think you might understand the systems of a home, how they work together and what to look for a little better if you could have the opportunity?

We did too. The Closing Guys Teamed up with Exceptional Home Inspections to provide an in-depth look at a home through the eyes of a home inspector by taking you along through the entire inspection process. There is a lot of information to cover, so we have broken the home down into bite size pieces.


The first episode starts right at the top, one of the most crucial areas of the home, the roof. We take up up on the roof and look at the different critical components and shed some light on how to spot different signs of roofing deterioration, age and problems. As well as look at the chimney.


Stay tuned over the upcoming weeks as we continue to take you on a deep dive inside a home inspection.

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